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JoikuSpot Premium
WiFi HotSpot

Turn your Nokia into WiFi HotSpot
with JoikuSpot Premium Mobile App

  • Turn your phone into secure WiFi HotSpot
  • Connect your laptop to Internet via phone HotSpot
  • Use full internet with JoikuSpot Premium
  • Secure your WiFi HotSpot connection
  • Connect as many devices you like

  Industry Awarded 3.2 Edition brings you following Features

What's new in 3.2 Edition

JoikuSpot Premium 3.2 Edition enhances the JoikuSpot user experience greatly from the previous versions.

Firstly, 3.2 comes with support for Nokia Belle phones and Nokia Anna phones that have been upgraded to Belle firmware (e.g. Nokia 808, 700, 701, 603, 500, 600, T7, 702T, X7, C7, C6-01, E7, N8, E6 and Oro). 3.2 supports also all previous Symbian versions and Nokia Symbian phones. See list of supported phones

In addition, JoikuSpot 3.2 is now able to detect if your phone uses WiFi for something else, and is able to release any such reserved WiFi connections automatically for JoikuSpot internet connection. This has been by far the largest issue reported by JoikuSpot users in previous versions. Performance of the latest release tops the previous ones.

Extremely easy to setup and use, and saves you lots of money

Get the JoikuSpot install file from this official sales site and transfer it to your phone. After phone installation, you can simply start JoikuSpot on your phone to turn the phone into a WiFi HotSpot. Other WiFi devices like laptops or iPads can then wirelessly connect to the Internet via your phone JoikuSpot WiFi HotSpot, and enjoy high speed 3G internet instantly. All it takes is a couple of clicks. And that is why people around the world are replacing their USB modems and extra data subscriptions with JoikuSpot software, and save a lot of money by doing so. See it in Action

Personalize your phone HotSpot

  With 3.2 Premium Edition you can now name your phone HotSpot as you like. Simply go to the JoikuSpot Settings and change the name of your WiFi HotSpot to anything you like. This will be visible to others as your WiFi HotSpot network name (SSID).

Works on most any Nokia Smartphone, including new Belle phones

JoikuSpot Premium installs on Nokia E51E52E55E60E61E61iE63E65E66E71E72E73E75E90N78N79N80N81N81 8GBN82N85N86N91N93N93iN95N95 8GBN95 AmericasN95 8GB AmericasN96N97N97 Mini5530 XpressMusic5630 XpressMusic5730 XpressMusic5800 XpressMusicC5-03C6E5E6X5X6, X76710 Navigator8800 ErdosN8E7C6-01C7702TT7OroNokia 500Nokia 600Nokia 603Nokia 700Nokia 701Nokia 808N900Satio (Idou) Vivaz and Vivaz Pro phone models and turns them into WiFi HotSpots.


Secure your WiFi HotSpot

In Premium Edition, you can easily secure your WiFi HotSpot by setting the WEP security on under the JoikuSpot Settings. You can set the password for your WiFi HotSpot. This way you will be in control of who gets to use your 3G bandwidth.

Use full Internet, Intranet and E-Mail via your WiFi HotSpot


Premium Edition comes with full internet protocol support. You can use the Internet as you do with your normal office or home ADSL. Browse all web sites, use email clients like Outlook or Gmail, messenger services like MSN, or connect to your corporate intraweb via secured VPN tunneling. Premium Edition allows you to make use of full internet protocol.


Adjust all JoikuSpot Settings

You can adjust your HotSpot access point as you like. You can set the default Operator access point, battery threshold level warnings, security keys and access point name. Premium Edition allows easy control over your personal mobile WiFi HotSpot access point. There is no first web landing page in Premium Edition as in the free edition, so you can go directly to where ever you want in the Internet or access your email, without having to visit the defaulted landing page first.  


Connect Your entire Family to Web with a single JoikuSpot

With JoikuSpot you will have a choice of sharing your 3G with your friends or colleagues or openly with anyone who happens to be within WiFi proximity. Multiple devices can connect to the Internet via JoikuSpot internet WiFi network. Imagine e.g. having two different laptops, couple of iPads and a WiFi camera connected to the Internet at the same time through your phone HotSpot!

See how people use it



Clever 3G Auto-Reconnect Feature in 3.2 Edition allows internet on the move

You can use the Internet while on the move. On the move the network context keeps changing. For instance, in the train or in the car the available network may switch from 3G to 2G and vice versa. JoikuSpot Premium takes care of the transitioning network contexts and always makes use of the best available bandwidth. When the network temporarily drops to 2G, you will only see a lowered internet speed, and whenever better network becomes available, JoikuSpot automatically hops back to 3G thus serving you a seamless user experience under transition with the best possible performance at all times.  


Optimized Performance in 3.2 Edition

JoikuSpot Premium 3.2 comes with highly optimized algorithms for efficient internet use and battery consumption. It is a fact that the use of WiFi and 3G does consume the phone battery life, but we have done our best to ensure that the consumption levels are at minimum, and that the connection quality and performance stays superior. Compare it to most USB modem speeds and you will find that you will get better internet speed and connection performance quality with JoikuSpot as you do with an external WiFi dongle. You will also save money because you don’t need additional hardware or SIM card subscriptions to make the 3G connection. Phones come with the highest quality 3G antennas and that ensures the quality of the network signal and bandwidth available for your JoikuSpot use.


Broadest support for connected WiFi gadgets in 3.2 Edition

You can connect many different types of devices to the Internet via your JoikuSpot WiFi HotSpot. JoikuSpot is not only for laptop connectivity, but you can also connect your iPad, iPod, iPod Touch, WiFi Camera, other mobile phones etc. to the Internet via JoikuSpot by simply using WiFi. JoikuSpot supports Ad Hoc WiFi, and if your connecting device supports the same, you can connect it! Consider the monetary savings for instance with the iPad, when you don’t actually need the 3G version and additional SIM, but simply make use of the WiFi-only iPad Edition and have JoikuSpot phone do the job of 3G for it! See what types of gadgets people connect with their JoikuSpots


JoikuSpot speaks Your language

JoikuSpot comes in 28 languages. By default the language is your phone language. If your phone language is not on the list, English is used by default. JoikuSpot Premium comes with Arabic, Turkish, Chinese HK, Chinese PRC, Chinese TW, Polish, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Slovenian, English, English US, French, French CA, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, Spanish AM, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Japanese.  


Monitor your mobile data use

3.2 Edition comes with Usage Monitors inside. You can see your on-going data connection speed while you are connected, duration of your session and amount of data consumed via your HotSpot. Furthermore, you can at all times see the connected clients in your HotSpot.



Professionally Supported Solution

When you purchase the JoikuSpot License from us you shall also be entitled to our professional customer care. Should you lose your phone or switch to a new one, our customer care will help you renew your license on your phone. Our professional customer care will also be there to assist you with any setup problem you may have. Please also see our Documents section for User Guides and FAQ!
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Globally Awarded Solution

JoikuSpot has been awarded many times for its usefulness and innovativeness, e.g. the Must Have App of the Year Award by Nokia. Previously, JoikuSpot has also won Global Navteq LBS Challenge and has been awarded the Most Innovative Application of the Year by Symbian Foundation, and Best Application of the Year by Nokia. These recognitions speak of the quality and usefulness of the solution. View Awards


Proven Solution

WiFi tethering is a phenomenon that spreads. And JoikuSpot is the Market Leader in this space. 3 Million users already use JoikuSpot for WiFi tethering globally. Every day is a new activity and adoption record. Every single day more than 3 million megabytes of mobile data is consumed via JoikuSpotting. JoikuSpot is used in more than 200 countries in the world with every single network operator who has mobile broadband. Check out our Twitter and Facebook sites and see how users blog about their experiences.
See JoikuSpot User Survey Results


Works Globally

JoikuSpot Premium works on Nokia Symbian, Maemo and Meego Smartphones, and across most 3G/2G Operator networks in the world. All you need is a proper mobile data plan with your operator and a compatible WiFi phone with JoikuSpot inside. Joikusoft recommends fixed monthly mobile data plan with your operator as operators do charge for the mobile data consumption via JoikuSpot. If you are travelling abroad, we recommend familiriazing yourself with the roaming data costs of local operators before using JoikuSpot. 

JoikuSpot Premium End-User License

The 3.2 Edition License entitles you to one installation on your mobile phone. The license is for personal use, and can be transferred to a new phone with the same OS platform, or renewed if lost. You need your purchase receipt for our customer care when you want to renew or transfer your license. You can freely change your SIM card on your JoikuSpot phone without affecting your JoikuSpot license entitlement. As part of the installation process you need to agree with JoikuSpot Privacy and Legal policy. More

JoikuSpot Premium Corporate License

Corporate buyers, please contact our sales department at info(at) for volume batch licensing. We also offer customization services of our client software with your brand and feature set needs, and services related to JoikuSpot operations in your company. Companies can save a lot of money by switching from USB modems to JoikuSpot mobile WiFi Tethering. Consider the monetary savings when you cut the amount of hardware and SIM card subscriptions to half in your company, and make your employee phones work as 3G WiFi base-stations instead of USB modems. And the data connection performance also increases due to better 3G antennas in mobile phones and high quality WiFi transmission.
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