Share WiFis Safely

Share your wifis privately or in public. Share access without sharing password. Share phone hotspot, home wifi, office wifi or public guest wifis.

Spot Good WiFis

Spot good wifis near you on a WiFi Map, navigate on the spot and connect automatically. Share good wifis you use in public for others to enjoy.

Connect Easily

Connect wifis easily without password hassle. Use WiFi Manager to connect wifis, manage wifi sharing and create Smart QR codes for instant wifi access.

Sharing WiFi with a friend

Wifi Sharing

WiFi Spotting on a travel

WiFi Spotting

More Smart Features

Share your wifis safely, spot good wifis near you and connect easily.

WiFi Manager

Use WiFi Manager to connect wifis and manage wifi sharing.

WiFi Map

Go WiFi Spotting to find places with good wifi, and connect easily without password hassle.

WiFi Globe

Download and sync country wifis for offline use.

App Main Features

Mobile HotSpot

Turn your phone or tablet into secure wifi hotspot the classic JoikuSpot way.

Smart WiFi Sharing

Share access without sharing keys. Create Smart QR codes and Access links for instant guest wifi access.

Quality Check

Discover the quality rating of your own and shared wifis.

Smart Share
Smart Share

Smart WiFi Sharing

Would you like to share your phone hotspot, home or office wifi safely without revealing or storing your wifi network password with other devices?

  • Password is encrypted and hidden
  • Generate and print QR codes
  • Works Offline

WiFi Spotting

Would you like to spot good wifis near you and connect to them automatically? Would it also be nice to find out, which wifis are good quality, and how to find the wifi place?

WiFi Spot
WiFi Spot
Mobile Hotspot
Smart Share

WiFi Globe

Would it be handy to have an option to download and sync desired country wifis for offline use on a travel, and delete the obsolete ones from eating space in your device?

Mobile HotSpot

Would you like to turn your phone or tablet into secure wifi hotspot the classic JoikuSpot way and permit access to your hotspot safely? Would it be convenient to have a one-click hotspot button on your device screen for instant wifi hotspot creation?

WiFi Spot
WiFi Spot


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